Sunday Post – 3/05/2017

March 5, 2017 Sunday Post 24

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My Week

We were busy five nights in a row this week: a Mardi Gras celebration on Tuesday night, Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday, choir practice on Thursday, and a Lenten community supper on Friday. Saturday, we went to a talk and book signing by Margot Lee Shetterly, author of Hidden Figures, which was fascinating. Unfortunately, they ran out of books before I could get one. We’d been wanting to see the movie for a while, so on an impulse, we decided to grab dinner in town and see it before heading home. It was wonderful! I already want to watch it again. And I’m definitely going to read the book.

Because of all the busy nights and a fresh bout of insomnia, I haven’t made as much headway on any of my projects this week as I would like. Blog Ahead started Wednesday and runs through March 15. I’ll be doing what I can on it, but I doubled up on indexing projects this month, so I won’t have as much time as I hoped when I signed up.

I recently started trying walk regularly — my goal is 5 days per week, for at least half an hour each day. This week, I did manage to get out 4 days, and one of those was cut short by rain, because I wasn’t dressed for it (and it was thundering in the distance.) But it’s a start.  I’m also trying to eat more healthfully. I’d like to increase my endurance and muscle tone, and decrease my waistline!


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Upcoming on the Blog

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  • Fatality by Firelight (Lynn Cahoon) – blog tour and review
  • News & Notes – 3/11/2017
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What I’m Reading/Watching

Reading: I finished rereading Mine Till Midnight and plowed through a reread of the whole Hathaways series. At the same time, I finished one ARC for an upcoming tour — Fatality by Firelight (Lynn Cahoon) — and started on two more ARCs, In Farleigh Field (Rhys Bowen) and Red Clover Inn (Carla Neggers.) Eventually, I want to get back to Ghost Talkers (Mary Robinette Kowal) which is really interesting, and The Crooked Sixpence (Jennifer Bell, ARC.)

Listening to: Podcasts, mostly 99% Invisible, The Allusionist, Writing Excusesand Imaginary Worlds. I’ve also finally figured out how to get an audiobook (that we ripped from the CDs) onto my smartphone, so I’m finally going to finish Bill Bryson’s Made in America.

Watching: We watched episodes 2 through 4 of The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, but we were out four nights in a row (at church, for various events and practices), so we didn’t have time for much else.


New Additions to the Hoard

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For Review or Review Consideration

Nothing this week!

Purchased for Kindle

I am so excited to read The Fiercest Joy! I loved The Sweetest Dark and The Deepest Night, but for some reason Bantam didn’t publish the third one, so she has finally published it herself. I’ve been waiting two and a half years for this book!

I’m a big fan of Catherine Aird, and don’t own this short story collection, though I read it some years ago. Mary Balogh is one of my favorite historical romance authors. I’ve read Irresistible and loved it; Indiscreet is the first book in the trilogy (Irresistible is the third.) Both were on sale, and I’m contemplating buying the middle one, but I might wait a while and see if goes on sale, too. I’ve been wanting to read Ink and Bone since it came out, and I’ve read some good reviews of Tessa Arlen’s mystery series.

Have a wonderful week, and happy reading!

24 Responses to “Sunday Post – 3/05/2017”

  1. Libby Rodriguez

    Good morning! You guys HAVE been busy! The Hidden Figures book signing sounds amazing – disappointing they ran out of books, but I see how that could happen given the popularity of the movie.

    I have been running lately. For about 6 months actually. I am getting good, but my body was not looking any better… So, I just started weights and calesthenics. (I think I just spelled that wrong…) Too soon to tell if that will make me look a bit better! 😉

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      The talk really was amazing, and there were some terrific questions and answers afterward. Congratulations on your running progress! I’m sticking to walking for the time being — I don’t think my knees are up to running yet.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I hope you get a chance to see the Hidden Figures movie; it was so, so good! And enjoy the Ravenels series. It’s great to have Lisa Kleypas writing historical romance again.

  2. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Awesome looking books! I loved the movie Hidden Figures, too, and hope to read the book at some point. That author’s event sounds like fun..although too bad about not getting a book.

    The Mardi Gras celebration sounds great….and you definitely had a busy week.

    Enjoy your books and your week…and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I probably wouldn’t have gotten it signed, anyway; the line for signing was so long that they had to shut it down before a lot of people even got out of the auditorium. I think they seriously underestimated the appeal!

  3. Michelle @Because Reading

    My son wants to be my walking buddy so I am hoping he will want to do it every day for half an hour a day when it gets warmer because it’s like 20 degrees outside and I don’t walk in 20 degrees lol.

    Sounds like you are going to be busy! Hope you have time to take it easy and rest and read. That is very important! 🙂

    Have a great week, Lark! Happy Reading!
    Michelle @Because Reading recently posted…Good Week, Lots of Ideas and More Ideas ~ WIR & TSPMy Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      I think that’s great that your son wants to walk with you (and catch Pokemon, I’ll bet!) I miss walking with Robin, even if she did usually pull pretty far ahead of me. Have a great week, Michelle!

  4. Lily

    Lisa Kleypas looks so good, I haven’t read any of her series yet but I keep hearing how wonderful her writing is and well I really need to.
    It sounds like you had a busy busy week, but it also sounds like a lot of fun 😀

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      She’s wonderful, Lily! If you like historical romance (Regency and Victorian England), she’s a must-read. And yes, I did have a very fun week!

  5. Stormi Johnson

    Wow, you had a busy week. Now you need a nice relaxing day of reading. 🙂 You read a lot of good ones. This week I should get my audio of Fatality by Firelight and can’t wait. I also have The Crooked Sixpence to read, hope it was a good one. 🙂

    Enjoy your reads!
    Stormi Johnson recently posted…The Week In Review #130My Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Yes, well, a relaxing day of reading isn’t in the cards anytime soon! Oh, well, I’d much rather be busy and having fun than bored. 😉

  6. Greg

    I’m starting walking too after sitting around all winter! Good luck with your goals. I like the look of Fatality by Firelight, and I really liked the first Tessa arlen book. That second one slipped through my radar, I remember it coming out and I never grabbed it. I think there might be a third either out or coming out- I’ll have to look.

    Have a great week!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #184My Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Here’s to better health for both of us! Actually, your review of the first Tessa Arlen book is one of the things that made me grab this one when it went on sale.

  7. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    Sounds like a crazy week! I’m glad you enjoyed Hidden Figures. I’ve heard it’s amazing and am looking forward to seeing it. Love that you reread the Hathaway series! I took an extended break from historicals and recently got back to reading them which has made me want to reread that series. It was so good! Have a great week and good luck with your walking!
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted…Reviews from the Children’s Section – MandyMy Profile

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Crazy busy, yes! Especially for me; we’re usually pretty quiet. This week isn’t much better, with rehearsals and events from Wednesday through Friday nights — that will go on through March or mid-April, and then the Friday night commitment will end. (Though I probably won’t make it to all the Friday night suppers.) I hope you get a chance to reread the Hathaway series!

  8. Charlie

    Did you still get to meet Margot Lee Shetterly? I can’t believe they ran out! With the movie being so popular right now, you’d think they’d over-order by a reasonable number of books. I think my big wind for Blog Ahead is dying off. I have a list of posts I want to create, but the first hurdle is time. Once I have a moment to sit and get started on one, I’m so not interested. Good luck with your double indexing this month!

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      Oh, there were far too many people for her to meet everyone. Weeks beforehand, the venue had to be changed to the largest theater/auditorium at the local university… and it was filled beyond capacity, with people standing in the side aisles. The auditorium seats over 1200 people, and I’m told about 500 people were turned away. It was amazing!

      I’m with you on the time issue. I haven’t gotten a single Blog Ahead post done, and I’ll be scrambling to get Wednesday’s tour post done in time. Good luck to you with yours!

  9. La La in the Library

    I loved Hidden Figures! You are really lucky to have had a book event in your area. I have Ink and Bone on my Kindle, but I never seem to get to it. I will be looking out for what you think about it. I walk, but not in the winter. I try to walk my stairs, but it is so boring that I usually put it off for days on end. He ha. I hope you had a wonderful week.

    • Lark_Bookwyrm

      We really were lucky on that one! The author grew up in Hampton, Virginia, where the women lived and worked. She actually knew them; her dad had worked with some of them. Our nearest city, where the author event took place, is only about 2 hours’ drive from Hampton, and her parents still live there, so I guess it wasn’t too hard for our library to get her to come. But thank goodness the local university offered their 1200+ seat auditorium, because it was packed and they were turning people away!

      Back when I used to go to the gym, I staved off boredom while walking the treadmill by listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Now, when I’m walking outdoors, I still listen to them… but I also play Pokemon.