My Reading Challenges for 2023

December 29, 2022 Challenges 8

Graphic: Reading Challenges 2023

Every year, I swear I will keep my reading challenges to a minimum. But once again, I am probably signing up for too many challenges in 2023. The thing is, these are all challenges I want to do, because they help with my reading goals. It’s just that keeping track of them, and remembering to link up my reviews, takes more time than you would think. Despite that, though, I plan to join the following challenges this year. I have kept my goals low, but I can and will revise them upward if I blow past them.

NOTE: You can find the rules and sign-up links for each of these challenges by clicking the title of the challenge.

I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal at 150 books for 2023. That’s lower than my goals over the last few years, but I plan to spend more time writing this year, so I will have less time for reading. (Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get the Goodreads Reading Challenge widget to work, probably because my blog’s security is blocking JavaScript.)

Graphic (button size): The Backlist Reader Challenge 2023

I host The Backlist Reader Challenge 2023, so of course I am participating this year! My goal is to read and review 16 books from my TBR list that were first published in 2021 or earlier. Over the last few years, I’ve done a lot better at the reading part than the reviewing part, but I hope to improve that situation this year.

I will also be doing the Audiobook Challenge 2023, hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer and That’s What I’m Talking About. My goal for the year is to listen to and review 6 books, putting me in the Weekend Warrior category (5-10 books.)

The Library Love Challenge 2023 is hosted by Angel’s Guilty Pleasures Books of My Heart. My goal is to read and review 12 books, which is the Dewey Decimal level (and the lowest possible option.) I’m hesitant to try for more, because I have so many books on my Kindle and on my physical shelves that I also want to read.

I really need the NetGalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge 2023 to help me with my backlog of ARCs. It’s hosted by Yvonne at Socrates’ Book Reviews. My problem isn’t usually reading the ARCs, it’s getting the reviews written and posted. So my goal is to read (or reread) and review at least 15 ARCs this year, whether they are new ARCs or ones from a previous year. That puts me in the Bronze category.

The Iron Druid Read-Along is hosted by my friend Anne at Books of My Heart We will be reading all 10 of the books in the series, in any format, and discussing them in Facebook chats.

I will also be doing the #ReadChristie2023 challenge this year. We’ll be reading 1 Agatha Christie mystery per month, based on a monthly prompt. There is a suggested title each month, but they usually offer a few alternative titles in case you have read the suggested title too recently.

This is COYER’s 10th anniversary, and they are celebrating by reversing the order of the usual seasons (reduced to three this year, and called “Chapters”) so that the strictest rules coincide with the dates of the original COYER challenge (which allowed only free or nearly free ebooks, nothing else.) That means that COYER Upside-Down 2023: Chapter 1 has the loosest rules: basically, any book counts, regardless of format, price, or source. Chapter 1 runs from January 1 through April 30. My goal is to read and review 10 books during that time period. They can also count for other challenges.

I will also be participating in the COYER Community on Facebook this year, beginning with Semester 1 (January 1 to April 30.)

What reading challenges do you plan to take on this year?

If none of the challenges above appeal to you, there is a great list of reading challenges compiled by Girlxoxo, which you can find here.

8 Responses to “My Reading Challenges for 2023”

  1. Nicole @ BookWyrm Knits

    These all sounds like great challenges — and I’m right there with you! I had planned to minimize my reading challenges this year, but I’ve signed up for just as many as normal (if not more). I’ll be joining you for the Backlist Reader challenge, plus I just decided to do The Great Series Read Project. I always use the POPSUGAR challenge to push me to read outside of my comfort zone, though I never expect to finish that one. Plus I’m also doing a Books In Translation challenge, the Turtle Recall challenge (read Discworld books), the Let Us Read Middle Grade challenge, and a SFF Title Challenge. At least most of these will play nicely with at least one other challenge I have going, so that I can double-up my reads!
    Nicole @ BookWyrm Knits recently posted…The Great Series Read ProjectMy Profile

  2. Katherine

    So many great challenges and a good mix of focuses. I love the look of the Christie challenge! I need to go look at the prompts.