Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2022

July 1, 2022 Challenges, Monthly Wrap-Up 8

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Books Read – June 2022

Title links to go my reviews.

  1. Never Less Than a Lady (Mary Jo Putney) – reread
  2. Nowhere Near Respectable (Mary Jo Putney) – reread
  3. No Longer a Gentleman (Mary Jo Putney) – reread
  4. Sometimes a Rogue (Mary Jo Putney) – reread
  5. Not Quite a Wife (Mary Jo Putney) – reread
  6. No Longer a Saint (Mary Jo Putney) – reread
  7. Once a Soldier (Mary Jo Putney) – reread
  8. Once a Rebel (Mary Jo Putney) – DRC; reread
  9. Once a Scoundrel (Mary Jo Putney) – DRC; reread
  10. Once a Spy (Mary Jo Putney) – DRC; reread
  11. Once Dishonored (Mary Jo Putney) – reread
  12. Once a Laird (Mary Jo Putney) – DRC; reread
  13. A Psalm for the Wild-Built (Becky Chambers) (audiobook)
  14. Murder in Mesopotamia (Agatha Christie) – reread
  15. Remember Love (Mary Balogh) – ARC
  16. Sound of Darkness (Heather Graham) – ARC
  17. You Were Made to Be Mine (Julie Anne Long) – ARC
  18. Invisible Women (Caroline Criado Perez) (library audiobook)
  19. The Littlest Library (Poppy Alexander) – ARC
  20. Losing Ground (Catherine Aird) – reread
  21. Carry On (Celia Lake) – reread
  22. The Siren Of Sussex (Mimi Matthews)

As you can see, June was heavy on rereading. I binge-read my way through two linked series by Mary Jo Putney, all of which I had already read at least once before. This month’s #ReadChristie22 title was a reread, too. (Well, most of them are going to be. I’ve read nearly everything she wrote under her own name.) But I also managed to get through 4 ARCs as well as a couple of other books I have really wanted to read.

I’ve been pretty lax about writing reviews, though. But one review is scheduled for early July (The Littlest Library), and I am in the process of writing the remaining ARC reviews.


These are the books I read for various challenges, but I have not written or posted all the reviews yet, so they won’t all show up on my 2022 Challenges tracking page. For my reviews, see title links above.

Goodreads Challenge 2022: 22 books in June (titles listed above.) I am 15 books ahead of schedule for the year.

22 in 2022: 0 books in June. (FAIL!) We’re halfway through the year, and I have only read 5 of the 22 titles on my list. I really need to focus on these in the coming months.

Audiobook Challenge 2022: 2 books in June. (Invisible Women; A Psalm for the Wild-Built.) I have read 13 books out of my goal of 10-15 books for the year, so I’m doing really well.

The Backlist Reader Challenge 2022: 2 books in June. (Murder in Mesopotamia; Invisible Women.) I have read 15 books for this challenge so far this year, out of my goal of 24, so I’m a little ahead of schedule.

COYER Spring 2022: 20 books in June. (All of this month’s books except Once Dishonored and Losing Ground.) COYER Spring 2022 ran from April 1 through June 30, and I read 36 books in that time (but have only reviewed two.) Since my goal was 10 books for the season, I think I’ve done pretty darn well!

Library Love 2022: 2 books in June. (Invisible Women; The Siren of Sussex.) I have read 10 books for this challenge so far this year.

Read Christie 2022: 1 book in June. (Murder in Mesopotamia)

8 Responses to “Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2022”

  1. Louise Hallett

    What a lot of books you read in June. The Littlest Library is on my TBR, I hope to get around to it sometime this year. Good luck with all those challenges!